Programme Requirements (JD1)

(a) All candidates must complete a total of 144 credits by the end of the two years of normal study period by taking:

  • 84 credits of compulsory courses;
  • 54 credits of elective courses; and
  • 6 credits of capstone course.

Each of the JD courses carries 6 credits unless otherwise stated.

A suggested study sequence is summarised in Table 1:

Table 1Year 1Year 2 [i]Year 2 [ii]
Compulsory courses60 credits24 credits24 credits
Elective coursesPCLL pre-requisite courses
ICT elective (see Note 1)
Chinese Law elective (see Note 2)
Other law electives

6 credits
18 credits
6 credits

24 credits

6 credits

42 credits
Capstone courseDissertation/
International mooting competition/
Clinical legal education
6 credits6 credits
Total66 credits78 credits78 credits

Year 2 [i]: For students who plan to pursue PCLL.
Year 2 [ii]: For students who do not plan to pursue PCLL.

Year 1 compulsory courses: JDOC1001 & JDOC1002, JDOC1003 & JDOC1004, JDOC1005 & JDOC1006, JDOC1007, JDOC1009, JDOC1010, JDOC3093.
Year 2 compulsory courses: JDOC2001 & JDOC2002, JDOC2003 & JDOC2004.
PCLL pre-requisite courses: JDOC3015, JDOC3102, JDOC3105.

Note 1: All students must take one elective course listed under “International, Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives in Law (“ICT electives”)”.

Note 2: If you have no substantial background in Chinese Law, you must take one elective course listed under “Chinese electives”. If you have a substantial background in Chinese Law, you will not need to fulfil this requirement and may take an elective instead. You should check with Ms Jean Ko ( if you are in doubt.

(b) The normal year study load for JD1 students is 66 credits (see Note 3). Table 2 shows the required number of credits you should study in this academic year:

Table 2
1st semesterCompulsory courses30 credits
2nd semesterCompulsory courses
Chinese Law elective
30 credits
6 credits
June semester (Optional; see Note 4)Elective0-6 credits
TotalMin. 66 credits
Max. 72 credits

Note 3: You must seek prior approval from the Programme Director if you intend to do a course in the June semester of your first year.  Please write to Ms Jean Ko ( with your personal particulars (Example: Chan Tai Man John, 3035123456, JD1), study plan, reasons for justification with supporting documents (if any) and the choice of the June semester courses, by April 30, 2024.  If approved, credits earned in the June semester will count towards your total for the first year, ie you will take 72 credits of courses in each of your first and second year of study.

Note 4: June semester is an optional semester. Courses offered will have an intensive (compressed) class schedule.