Changes to Course Selection

(a) You must obtain prior General Office approval if your intended plan of study differs in any way from the prescribed programme structure for JD1 students / JD2 students.  Write before 31 August 2023 to Ms Jean Ko (, explaining your reasons for requesting a change with a study plan, and citing your full name, student number, programme title and mode of study. Example: Chan Tai Man John, 3035123456, JD2.

(b) If you would like to seek a waiver for a pre-requisite of a course, you should complete the online request form for course pre-requisite waiver before the first class of the course.  You will need to submit separate request forms if you wish to seek waiver for more than one course.  You will be informed of the application result in due course. Please be patient.

(c) You may change your selection and finalise your course enrolment:

(i) For PCLL-prerequisite courses and LLM courses: by SIS during the add‒drop period of the 1st and 2nd semester;
(ii) For intensive course: by completing the online course add-drop request form before the end of the second class of the course. (but see Note below).  

The General Office will process your request if a place becomes available.

Note: Dropping an intensive course in mid‒semester means that you may be unable to make up lost credits in that same semester, and will need to take an extra course in the semester that follows.

(d) The General Office deals with hundreds of queries during the add‒drop period and may be unable to respond immediately to your request. If you receive no reply to a submitted Application for Course Amendments form, you may assume that the request has been accepted. If your name is missing from a course attendance list, then when classes begin simply inform the course instructor and add your name to the list. 

(e) No amendments to course enrolment will be permitted after the add‒drop period.